The Shirazz Scourge!
POST #88 September 08, 2018Earth Calendar
Carol and Linda, two retirees enjoying a crisp autumn Sunday afternoon, were on their way to a wine-tasting when the roar of attacking alien spaceships shook their little camper, forcing them into a ditch.

It was the Shirazz, a race of malevolent winemakers who have dominated the business for almost 600 years! For centuries they were dedicated to creating the perfect wine, yet were ruthless in protecting their profits.

Then, one day, along came the Earth people.

Upon encountering their first alien race, they bestowed a gift; a single bottle of wine with the words "Product of Sonoma Valley".

So good was this wine that word quickly spread throughout the Galaxy and the Shirazz business went bust. Since then, the Shirazz have sought vengeance, and occasionally have made hit and run attacks on California's wine regions.

Fortunately, Carole and Linda were no ordinary retirees out for a drive. They were also members of the famed SVGP (Sonoma Valley Grape Patrol), and were in no mood to have their wine-tasting trip interrupted!