Midnight Mayhem at Bob's Robo-Repair
POST #90 September 22, 2018Earth Calendar
"The building is haunted," said the old timer, "and if it isn't haunted, then they're up to no good". Walk up and down 4th Street in Manhattan's West Village and you'll find the same sentiment echoed over and over. This is an old neighborhood and ghost stories are nothing new, but tonight, something odd is indeed afoot at Bob's Robo-Repair and Day Spa.

Inside the 400 year old building, employees were working hard to repair damaged robots and refurbish others that were worn out. Some came in for alterations. Some came to relax in a good, warm oil bath.

The clock struck midnight and the lights began to flicker. The building was plunged into darkness. People screamed.

For Milton Crumb, the night shift manager, the power outage came at the worst time. Twelve construction robots still needed an overhaul, and another three were in the spa area. He used the light on his power tool to guide his staff to the exit stairs leading to the street above.

Most of them were safely out when the backup generator suddenly kicked in. Emergency lights flooded the hallways and repair bays with an eerie orange glow. Milton took one last look around and saw that one of the bays was empty.

It shouldn't be. Something was loose.

Milton turned to leave and gasped.


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