Midnight Mayhem at Bob's Robo-Repair : Part 2
POST #91 September 30, 2018Earth Calendar
[ Continued from a previous episode ]

Milton Crumb, the night shift manager of Bob's Robo-Repair and Day Spa, was having a bad day. He was trapped in the basement of a five hundred year old building in the West Village with a malfunctioning construction robot hellbent on killing him.

"I am the Lord of Darkness! The Destroyer of Worlds! The Spirit of Eternal Chaos! I have laid waste to hundreds of planets, billions of souls!", declared the robot.

"My, what an extravagantly long job title you have! Do you have an appointment?" asked a nervous Milton, looking for a way to escape.

"I need no appointment", replied the robot, "Die puny human!"

The robot lunged for Milton with his giant arms. Somehow Milton dodged the punch and was able to dash for the exit corridor. He never looked back as he plunged himself into darkness, bumping into walls and boxes of spare parts. He tripped on the first stair, recovered, and bolted up the staircase three rungs at a time.

When he finally emerged on 4th Street, he found a neighborhood in disarray.

Shattered glass was everywhere and people ran screaming. He recoiled back into the building but then remembered the robot. Where was he? The tiny hairs on Milton's neck began to tingle when he noticed the eerie green glow illuminating the street. He looked up.

"I am Bra'add, the Lord of Darkness, and I have come to claim this world!"

In the middle of the street stood Maurice, the bohemian robot who ran the vegan cafe next door and looking equally confused. Finally, Maurice turned to Milton and asked: "Did he say his name is Brad?"

To be continued ...