Midnight Mayhem at Bob's Robo-Repair : Part 3
POST #92 October 13, 2018Earth Calendar
Maurice and Milton were trapped. Buildings toppled and cars exploded in the wake of "Bra'add", the evil demon spirit wreaking havoc in the Greenwich Village of Manhattan. "Bra'add" had taken over the body of a constructor robot that broke down on Mars. It was one of many that mysteriously failed but the company sent this one back to Earth to the only repair shop capable of figuring out the cause, Bob's Robo-Repair and Day Spa.

Bob, Milton's uncle, was always up for a challenge and this job would pay for that new Mercedez hover-car he's been wanting for months. Unfortunately the issue was not mechanical or even software related ... it was supernatural.

"You know there's only person who can help us" said Maurice, the hippie robot who ran the Vegan cafe next door.

"I can`t" replied Milton.

Green bolts of lightning exploded across the building tops, causing bricks and other debris to crash on the street. Maurice and Milton could feel the raw energy in the air. Static electricity danced over Maurice's metal body, and made the tiny hairs on Milton's neck stand. With the end of the world upon them, Milton knew there was only one person that could possibly save them.

Milton gulped, reaching for his phone.

And called his ex-girlfriend.

To be continued ...