Midnight Mayhem at Bob's Robo-Repair : Part 4
POST #93 October 22, 2018Earth Calendar
"One day in June 1752, during a thunder storm, Benjamin Franklin and his son dashed to their barn to conduct a little experiment. As the sky turned dark, and the heavens flashed with lightning, a tiny little kite took flight. Down below, keeping dry inside the barn, Franklin attached a key to the other end of the kite's line, which in turn was connected with a metal wire to a Leyden Jar (a predecessor to today's battery).

Now some believe the kite itself was struck by lightning, but in fact it wasn't. Instead, the kite drew negatively charged particles down the string, through the key and into the Leyden jar."

Jenny Ortiz, a Quantum Physicist at NYU (with a minor in para-normal activities), remembered this story from her history books and today she would put it to use.

The alien demon known as "Bra'add" had taken over the body of a constructor robot and was reigning destruction on Manhattan. Her ex-boyfriend, Milton Crumb, had called asking for help. She rushed to the scene to perform her own "Franklin Experiment".

In her para-normal history classes she had also learned the story of "Bra'add". Some believed Bra'add was an ancient evil robot that had developed a consciousness/spirit. For untold millennia it cheated fate by jumping into new bodies that it could control. But these bodies did not last long, as the inner workings of the possessed robots burned out.

This particular robot had been fighting the NYPD all evening and the battle was taking it's toll on the metal shell. Like the kite in Benjamin Franklin's experiment Jennifer Ortiz attached a cable to her hover-robot assistant, who lassoed it around Bra'add. As Bra'add's circuits crumbled and components fused, it sought out another shell, but instead was drawn down the wire into a new body that Jennifer had chosen for Bra'add ... that of a six inch toy robot.

To be continued ...