Crimson Skies
POST #96 November 09, 2018Earth Calendar
Police Officer Smith approached the old mansion carefully. He was feeling uneasy and dark images invaded his thoughts. It wasn't the house that bothered him, but the crimson crystalline ship parked nearby. The size of a small moon, it filled the sky more and more the closer he got. For two years the mysterious vessel lay quietly at anchor just past Harbok's Asteroid. It neither moved nor made any attempts to contact the inhabitants of the solar system.

But now, stories of odd "happenings" began to circulate throughout the settlements that dotted the planets. Ships had gone missing and those locals that had ventured close to the behemoth craft began to act differently. Something was stirring.

After a brief pause Officer Smith took a few more steps toward the mansion where a single, solitary light shone through a single window. He took a deep breath and said aloud : "This isn't going to be an ordinary parking ticket".